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Vista Mesh Lenses

What are Vista Mesh Lenses?

Vista-Mesh Lenses feature a unique lens formula that helps to reduce visual stress for the wearer. At Roger Pope and Partners we are proud to be able to order Vista Mesh lenses, available in Plano or made to prescription, should you require any further information or wish to book an appointment contact our teams via or on 02079352124

How do Vista-Mesh Lenses Work?

Vista Mesh lenses are designed to relieve a number of visual stress related symptoms through their patented technology and design. The unique make-up of the lenses that feature a specialist mesh filter, a contrast filter and a scratch resistant, anti-reflection coating that all work to help reduce visual stress.

Vista-Mesh lenses work by aligning scattered light reflections and dampens flicker (often from artificial light sources such as electronic device or lights). Through the sharpening of contrast the lenses help to reduce eye strain by deflecting EMI radiation. The adapted lenses remove the glare and sharp reflections and subdue the intensity of light reaching the eye, help with contrast and support the eye’s recovery from visual stress.

Vista Mesh Lenses feature:

  • Reflection free top coat
  • Hard coat - to make the lens more resistant to scratches
  • Light brown contrast filter
  • Unique optical mesh filter
  • A light weight lens
  • UV385 cut-off (providing a high level of UV protection for your eyes)

What are the practical applications for Vista-Mesh Lenses?

Vista-Mesh lenses have a range of day-to-day applications and a particularly useful for those who:

  • Regularly use computers
  • Drive at night
  • Work in offices
  • Use digital devices
  • Suffer from general visual stress
  • Suffer from motion sickness
  • Suffer from migraines

A consultation will be required at our Marylebone practice to accurately assess whether Vista-Mesh Lenses are correct for your specific needs. For more information, and to book your personal consultation, contact our teams via or on 02079352124