Zeiss drivewear lenses

Driving Lenses

What are lenses for driving?

Driving lenses are specialist spectacle lenses that have been specifically designed to match the requirements of drivers and the variety of conditions that they face on a day to day basis. Through their unique design and formula, driving lenses can offer enhanced comfort, vision and help drivers to see better; increasing road safety, relaxing the eyes and protecting against harmful radiation amongst other things.

How do lenses for driving work?

Driving glasses lenses are available in both prescription and nonprescription. Sunglasses for driving are available with polarised lenses that reduce glare. Glare can occur from reflections off of the road surface as well as the sun shining in the eyes of drivers. By reducing glare, driving lenses help driver’s eyes to adapt making it easier to see. The tint that is often found on polarised sunglasses lenses reduces glare and increases contrast for sharper vision.

What are the day to day applications for driving lenses?

Driving lenses are designed specifically for driving. They may benefit those who:

  • Drive at night and twilight
  • Drive during the day
  • Require enhanced contrast
  • Want to reduce glare
  • Require protection against harmful UV rays

A consultation will be required at our Marylebone practice to accurately assess whether driving lenses are correct for your specific needs. For more information, and to book your personal consultation, contact our teams via ncs@rogerpope.co.uk or on 02079352124