Office lenses

Office Lenses

What are Office Lenses?

Current studies have shown that 63% of spectacle wearers are unhappy with their spectacle lenses at work. It goes without saying, that clear vision in the close and medium range without eye or neck strain is of the utmost importance and desire. Office lenses, also known as computer progressive or near variable focus lenses, have been specially developed to provide clear vision specifically within the close and medium rage that enables comfortable vision all day long.

Who are office lenses designed for?

Office lenses are generally designed for those who suffer from presbyopia or long-sightedness and who require large field of vision at near and intermediate (arm’s length), for example to get a clear view of all the information on a computer monitor.

Benefits of office lenses:

  • Improvement of vision within the short and medium viewing distances
  • Aids contrast perception
  • Ensures a more natural and relaxed head and neck positions
  • Can reduce eye fatigue and strain
  • Can reduce neck pain

Can office lenses be fitted to any spectacle frame?

The latest generation of office lenses allow the wearer to choose from a wide range of fashionable and comfortable frames. The recommended adjustment height is 14mm although it can be more comfortable for the wearer to use a frame with a 18mm or above adjustment height. At Roger Pope & Partners our teams can assess your individual needs, taking into account your usage habits (type of activity and leisure pursuits, for example) and advise on the perfect frame to suit your personal requirements and office lenses.

For more information on our range of office lenses and to book your consultation which is required to assess your suitability for office lenses, contact our London practice via or on 020 7935 2124.