Vision From Venice

Welcome back to the Roger Pope Opticians blog where we offer exclusive insights into our practice, products and people. In today’s blog, we share the recent trip of Director Priti Kotecha who attended the Vision from Venice workshop in partnership with Marcolin Group. Hosted by Optician Online, the roundtable sought to discuss the future of independent optical retail and forging better relationships with eyewear suppliers.

Overlooking the Grand Canal, the palatial Hotel Sina Centurion played host to a group made up of some of the most prominent figures within the independent industry. .

The purpose of the meeting was to bring together leading figures within independent opticians and the optical industry to discuss the future of the independents within a market that is increasingly driven up chains. The discussion was divided into three parts; the discussion of what the future holds for independents, how to leverage and grow supplier relationships and how to mitigate and meet future threats. Discussion arose around each subject matter and allowed the invitees to share their views, thoughts and advice with fellow industry leaders.

What’s more, there was a rare opportunity for attendees to gain an insight into the eyewear design process. Throughout the event it was clear the importance of maintaining high standards, offering unique items and being able to understand both existing and prospective clients.

On behalf of Priti and all of the team at Roger Pope Opticians, we would like to thank Opticians online and chair Simon Jones for inviting us to participate in what was an enjoyable and purposeful event.