Hoffman Natural Eyewear London

Hoffman Natural Eyewear

Discover Hoffman Natural Eyewear at Roger Pope & Partners of Marylebone, London. Hoffman Natural Eyewear is crafted from natural materials including the horn of Asian water buffalo*, wood and slate. The beauty of these materials cannot be replicated artificially and each pair is truly unique. Their natural luxuriousness also retains a perfect fit and is ideal for individuals with sensitive skin. The lightweight and hypoallergenic material offers supreme comfort and feel to the wearer, expressing their confident and assured personality.

Hoffman Natural Eyewear, London

Consciously unbranded with no logo on the side, the frames reflect the wearer’s individuality. Let your personality take precedence with these inimitable luxury spectacles.

Nature is the source of the inspiration behind the frames and provides the materials for Hoffmann Natural Eyewear. Wood, genuine horn and slate all are precious and symbolic threads of nature’s stories told through each Hoffman frame. They appeal to both the eye and to the touch, the natural materials providing superior comfort. Within each frame, a multitude of handcrafting skills and a passion for perfection can be seen resulting in a discrete and stylish handmade design.

The brand’s success shows that the wearers recognise the uniqueness, individuality and artistry behind the frames.

*Naturally demised only.

For more information and to discover our collection of Hoffman Buffalo Horn frames or to book your eye examination and fitting, contact our London practice through 020 7935 2124 or ncs@rogerpope.co.uk.