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View our collection of Ray-Ban Sunglasses at Roger Pope & Partners London. The youthful brand have been at the forefront of sunglasses for over half a century and their iconic designs have become synonymous with style, playfulness and sophistication. Ray Ban classic sunglasses range from the very thin metal Aviator through to the traditional acetate Wayfarer.

The Aviator was introduced for the US Air Corps in 1937 with the green lenses made of mineral glass to filter out infrared and ultra rays and pilots immediately adapted to the sunglasses.

Modern Ray Ban frames are made of carbon fibre and titanium, making the frames lightweight and strong but they still incorporate the original green G15 lens together with plastic polarising lenses.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses at Roger Pope Opticians, London

Visit our London practice to view our classic collection of Ray-Ban sunglasses. For more information and to discover our collection of Ray-Ban sunglasses or to book your eye examination and fitting, contact our London practice through 020 7935 2124 or ncs@rogerpope.co.uk.