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Sama Sunglasses

Roger Pope & Partners presents the new collection of Sama Eyewear at our London practice. Founded by luxury designer Sheila Vance, Sama Sunglasses have become popular for their exceptional designs, high quality materials and combination of high fashion with luxury eyewear. The expressive and unique sunglasses are one of the most popular brands amongst celebrities and the Hollywood elite with each pair being manufactured, assembled and finished by hand in Japan using the finest materials and revolutionary production techniques.

Sama Sunglasses at Roger Pope Opticians, London

Sama sunglasses with their mix of high-fashion and luxury eyewear truly create a unique experience for the wearer. The couture eyewear range challenges the concept of sunglasses in a confident and refined way. Available at our London practice, Sama Eyewear, a favourite amongst the stars, is and adventure into fashion, design and style.

For more information and to discover our collection of Sama sunglasses or to book your eye examination and fitting, contact our London practice through 020 7935 2124 or