Diplomat Magazine has been a central publication in the lives of ambassadors and diplomats in the UK for over 60 years. The bimonthly magazine covers a range of issues pertinent to the community examining important political, socio-economic and cultural developments. As independent opticians, we work with the magazine to offer their readership the very best in eye examinations and services. To celebrate our relationship with Diplomat Magazine, we speak with Editor and Owner Venetia van Kuffeler about the publication and the importance of eye health.

Venetia, thank you for joining us. Tell our readers about Diplomat Magazine.

Diplomat magazine provokes intelligent discussion from the heart of the diplomatic community. We provide unique insight into the minds of the most prominent world leaders and governments. Diplomat’s mix of high quality analysis, political commentary on world affairs and interviews with High Commissioners and Ambassadors make it essential reading for the diplomatic, political, corporate and investment communities. Founded in 1947, Diplomat magazine’s core readers are the 185+ governments represented in London via embassies and high commissions. Content is focused on light foreign affairs, with articles by Ambassadors, academics & diplomatic correspondents from the broadsheets.

What is your role within the publication?

Editor and owner of the business. I’m the only full-time employee, so I wear a lot of ‘hats.’

What are some of the challenges that your readership face in regards to eye health?

Moving frequently from posting to posting in different countries, diplomats have to quickly acclimatise themselves to their surroundings. New jobs often mean there is little time to adapt to the healthcare system in their new city. With regards to specifically eye health, Diplomats are looking for a service provider who understands the constraints of their work, who can provide an straight-forward, efficient and trustworthy service.

How was your experience with our teams during your eye examination?

It was a hugely efficient, professional, but above all personal service. I was taken care of by a safe pair of hands, which was hugely reassuring. With 30+ years of experience and a Royal Warrant, Roger Pope is the best in the business!

How important is eye health and good vision to your readership?

Essential. Diplomats work long hours, across time zones, and travel frequently, which means their vision can suffer. Decent eye health is hugely important. Without it, our readers would find it very difficult to do their jobs.

On behalf of all of the team, we would like to thank Venetia van Kuffeler for her time and kind words in regards to our service. For more information on the publication, visit https://diplomatmagazine.com/.