Regular eye examinations are a proven way to ensure that your eye health and vision are in the best condition that they can be. Furthermore, regular eye examinations allow for early detection of conditions and thus can assist in treating anything untoward. In today’s blog post, we want to examine five signs that you may need an eye examination.

Whilst it may seem that the pair of prescription spectacles that you have been wearing for a number of years are suitable and that your eyesight is still the same there often can be issues with your vision that are undetected. Regular eye examinations, usually every year, allow you to ensure that your eyesight and eye health are in optimal condition. However, should you regularly experience any of the below and you have not had an eye examination recently, it may be time to book one.


People often associate their headaches with more serious illnesses, even though this is one of the most frequent symptoms for people to get when experiencing eyesight issues. It is caused by your brain over-compensating for the slight change in vision, getting over-tired and causing an aching sensation.

Eye Fatigue

Fatigued eyes can be another sign that your eyesight has changed. Although staring at a computer or driving for long periods of time can be blamed for this on a short-term basis – if your eyes feel constantly tired for more than 1-2 days, then it means that you should probably go and get your eyes tested again. Eye fatigue can also be connected to other symptoms such as squinting and blurred vision.


Having issues with squinting in the sunlight are common, whereas squinting when reading a computer screen or a leaflet is not. This may, therefore, be a sign that you need to get your prescription renewed. Squinting can cause unnecessary strain on your eyes, so the sooner you get your eyes tested, the better!

Blurred Vision

Blurred vision can affect one or both of your eyes and can be quite common for people with eye problems. This can also be accompanied by Photophobia which is where your eyes have a sensitivity to light. If you find yourself struggling to focus or read due to blurred vision, it can be due to eyesight issues and you should get your eyes tested.

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