Are you unsure how to safely clean your spectacles? In today's blog post we examine how to clean your glasses to ensure that they work as well as they can. One of the most important aspects as a spectacle wearer, that can often be overlooked, is how to maintain and clean our spectacles in order to maximize their optical effectiveness. In today’s news entry we detail what causes dirty lenses and how to clean them.

It goes without saying that eyeglasses lenses inevitably will get dirty, it is simply a question of wearing glasses will make them dirty. Natural oils from your hands, eyelashes and face as well as general dust and dirt from the atmosphere can build up and reduce the effectiveness of how your lenses perform. Likewise, something as simple as leaving your spectacles on a table, can add to residue that can build up.

Many products exist to assist in specifically cleaning the lenses and keeping them streak free. For daily use, it is important to ensure that your lenses are clean and using spectacle cleaning wipes and microfibre cloths can be an excellent solution to ensure that your spectacles are working to their maximum efficiency.

Typically, eyeglasses lenses often have some form of protective coating and ought to never come into contact with ammonia, bleach, vinegar or window cleaner which can cause the coating to break down or strip it off completely. You may have seen bubbles appearing on the lenses which may suggest that the lens is damaged. Avoid using harsh solutions or chemicals to prevent removing the coating on the lenses.