Gold and wood history

The History Of Gold And Wood

At Roger Pope & Partners we take pride in our range of luxury eyewear by the World’s leading brands. Curated by our specialist teams, we select our frames and brands based on their quality and performance to ensure the very best for our clients. For those who appreciate exquisite eyewear and require something extra special we have a stunning collection of gold and jewelled spectacle frames using the finest materials including solid gold, diamonds, natural horn and wood. In today’s blog we introduce Gold & Wood who are renowned for their fabulously designed eyewear using the finest materials.

Gold and Wood may only have been founded in 1995 but in just over the two decades they have gained a loyal following across the World for their craftsmanship, quality and elegance. Popular with celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson, the brand has come to eptiomise both style and sophistication.

Founder Maurice Leonard established the brand to provide pleasure surrounding the concepts of luxury, high-end eyewear and jewellery. Crafting timeless pieces, the brand have won numerous awards for their designs notably the prestigious Silmo d'Or for its "Moon" and "Star" sunglasses.

Choosing only the very best materials, each item is chosen for their exceptional nature in order for each frame to tell a unique story and experience. Materials include:

  • 12 different are wood species
  • Hand-painted natural silk embedded in the heart of wood veneers.
  • Carbon fiber
  • Water buffalo horn
  • Solid gold and diamonds

The final result is the continuing pursuit of perfection and design combining ancient, artisan techniques with cutting edge design and development. For more information about our beautiful selection of Gold and Wood Eyewear, contact our practice via or on 020 7935 2124.