Serengeti Lenses Uk

Serengeti Lenses UK

At Roger Pope & Partners we are proud to offer a fine range of performance lenses and specialist driving lenses designed to match the testing conditions that are faced by wearers. In today’s blog we look at Serengeti Eyewear who have, for over 100 years, developed specialist driving glasses and lenses used by some of the most esteemed motor racers across the World.

Founded in 1902, Serengeti Eyewear began as a division of American company Corning Incorporated that specialised in the manufacture of glass and ceramics. Over the course of the years the company began to develop its sunglasses and lens division and, in 1964, the company developed and invented the photochromatic lens which redefined how we would see the World. The introduction of the photochromatic lens witnessed Corning become a major force within sunglasses.

In 1982 the company created the Corning Sunglass Products Division with the goal of creating premium sunglasses to capture a share of the consumer market. The superior quality and premium lenses led to what now is known as Serengeti Eyewear. Serengeti began to explore bringing the exclusive Photochromic and Spectral Control lens technologies to the sunglasses market and their sunglasses were recognised by Fortune magazine as one of the top 100 products in America.

Over the course of the decade, the company worked tirelessly to develop both its lenses and sunglasses businesses and became associated with high profile sporting events and sports stars which led to its association with a range of different sports, principally motor racing and other outdoor pursuits which require dedicated lenses that respond to dramatic changes in contrast and tone. Serengeti pioneered the idea of eyewear as serious eye care with the introduction of the Serengeti Drivers lens. They were heralded as the most important new sunglasses in decades.

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