The Roger Pope and Partners blog brings you the very latest in our fine selection of designer eyewear, offer our clinical insights and document the latest goings on at our London opticians. In today’s entry we invite our readers to discover the beautiful world of Bvlgari as we cover a brief history of the brand and explore their latest collection.

Bvlgari was founded in 1884 Sotirio Bulgari, a descendent of a family of Greek silversmiths, who started by creating precious silver objects. Bulgari's passion for precious gems brought his creations to life, today Bulgari's bold and innovative designs continues to be at the heart of the brand’s success. The long history of fine jewellery is ever present in each collection of eyewear as a nod towards the heritage and provenance of this illustrious brand.

Inspired by Rome, its culture and architecture became the centre points for of Bulgari’s designs: the structural, geometric motifs that appeared throughout Roman architecture heavily influenced the brand’s creations.

This dedication to the brand’s spiritual and physical home city of Rome and its tradition of paying homages to the muses that inspire their classic motifs, led to the Voulgaris’ decision to update the logo to BVLGARI, using a V instead of a U inspired by the roman alphabet.

Each eyewear theme relates directly to the precious jewellery collection inspired by the expert craftsmanship, exquisite materials and fine design. Bulgari's eyewear team pride themselves on their skilled Italian craftsmanship where each Austrian crystal or temple embellishment is inserted individually by hand.

Bvlgari eyewear has gained praise and followers across the world through its innovative designs that fuse classic styling with contemporary design. Bvlgari sunglasses and Bvlgari frames are designed for people who want to distinguish themselves by wearing unique luxury eyewear with outstanding jewellery features. Bvlgari prescription frames are made with high-quality materials that can be worn as an item of jewellery for the face.

Bulgari, the great Italian jeweler and master of colored gemstones of international fame, represents one of the most exclusive brands in eyewear. Contemporary design, unique styles and glamorous details are combined with superior quality. This brand is positioned for the highest segment of eyewear as jewelry, with luxury Italian craftsmanship and bold style. Bulgari eyewear features precious materials such as gold, gemstones and Austrian crystals and is carefully crafted in timeless designs.

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