Welcome to the latest edition of the Roger Pope & Partners blog where each week we highlight the latest developments at our practice, offering in depth advice as well as focusing on our world class frames and lenses. In today’s entry we would like to bring to the attention of our readers the new collection of Chanel eyewear from their latest SS19 Collection.

For over a century Chanel has dazzled the world with their exquisite ranges of clothing, handbags and accessories. When Coco Chanel first opened her boutique at 21 Rue de Cambon, Paris the brand initially created bespoke hats and headwear for the ladies of the time. Since the opening of the first boutique the French fashion house has come to epitomize the finest in luxury design, crafting timeless classics that are to be treasured for now and forever. Indeed, Chanel is known for its enduring heritage and creative style that has graced the catwalks, opera houses, cafes and finest locations across the globe.

The 1920s witnessed the brand’s reputation and legacy grow as it expanded into both couture and ready-to-wear clothing; during this period many of the signature hallmarks of the house were developed and have subsequently became inherent with its identity. Over the decades as both the brand and its style grew, Chanel expanded into various products such as perfume, scarves and more. Remarkably, it seems that one cannot mention the legendary house without noting that many of its products have become icons within their own right - from the scent of Chanel No. 5 to the delicate and fine tweeds used in the clothing and the soft touch of its caviar-finished leather handbags.

At the heart of the brand is a complete dedication to the pursuit of perfection and luxury. Designed for those who seek exclusivity and the very highest quality, Chanel has constantly pioneered and defined luxury fashion. Collaborations with leading figures within art, politics and in fashion itself has led the brand to be seen not only as the tastemaker in high-fashion but also as the benchmark to which other luxury brands are judged.

It is impossible to mention Chanel’s iconic eyewear without thinking of the timeless sophistication of perhaps its most famous creation within eyepieces - the vintage Jackie O sunglasses. Since the 1960s the elegant style has become a fashion staple that have spawned countless replicas with none capturing the grace and workmanship of the everlasting originals.

The latest collection of Chanel glasses continues the esteemed tradition of innovation, craftsmanship and style with a firm nod to the minute touches and details that have become identifiers and brand staples. From frames to sunglasses, the collection is marked by a deep understanding of design and grace. Rounded and soft lines effortlessly create modern classics that are immensely desirable. Round, butterfly and square shapes are updated with well thought out twists and details that create striking statement pieces and offer a quiet, yet assured sense of style for the wearer. The crowning achievement in the SS19 collection is without doubt the Pathos range of eyewear. Featuring the instantly recognisable chain - inspired by their handbags - the pieces are made from imitation pearls, calfskin and fine metals.

At Roger Pope & Partners we are delighted to invite you to browse the latest collection of Chanel glasses frames. Our experienced and knowledgeable teams are happy to assist you in the fitting of the glasses and help you to find your new favourite pair of glasses to be worn now and treasured forever.