Lindberg gold grames

Lindberg Gold Frames

In today’s news item we examine a business that forms part of our distinguished collection of solid gold eyewear with a focus on one of the most popular eyewear brands in the World; Lindberg.

Today the Danish brand is an international eyewear empire, renowned for world-class, exceptional quality. Each pair of Lindberg frames is an eyewear masterpiece, with no mechanics in sight and typify sleek Scandinavian design.

The Lindberg Gold (or precious collection as it is also known) is the pinnacle of design offered by the renowned Scaninavian house. The Lindberg gold frames are handcrafted in 18-carat (750) solid yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and black gold as well as in platinum (950). Choosing only the very finest materials, the exquisite collection of Lindberg gold are finished with the finest precious and semi-precious stones. Flecks of diamonds, naturally created over millions of years, punctuate the sleek slender lines of the frames. Bright dots of jewels add tonality and contrast; all set within the modern, yet classic, frames.

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