Silhouette Gold Glasses

Following the successful launch of our Gold Eyewear Frames page, we would like to delve a little deeper into one of the illustrious brands featured within our solid gold eyewear collection; Silhouette.

Founded in Austria in 1968, Silhouette are known for their established tradition of producing eyewear that is both classic and innovative. With a focus on the craftsmanship inherent within each piece and an emphasis on artisan, handcrafted items the brand has refined the notion of luxury eyewear. The result of their commitment to excellence is found in each unique piece of eyewear that will delight and inspire the wearer. Sublime design and high-quality materials create a pair of gold eyewear frames that truly allow the discerning wearer to express themselves in an elegant and understated fashion.

The natural evolution of Silhouette’s craftsmanship demonstrates itself within the Atelier Collection. Available in 18-carat gold with fine hand-set gemstones, Atelier eyewear from Silhouette offers you the best of both worlds: innovative technologies and traditional hand-craftsmanship. The dedicated and passionate eye for detail turns each pair into an understated masterpiece. Inspired by the heritage of Austria, each pair of solid gold eyeglasses are made with focus, precision, passion and the experience of decades.

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