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Paul Rees – Race Driver & Precision Stunt Driver

At Roger Pope & Partners we are proud to stock a wide range of Serengeti Eyewear and lenses. Known for their precision engineering, style and performance, Serengeti sunglasses offer enhanced protection under the toughest of conditions and environments. In today's blog entry we speak with Paul Rees, Serengeti Ambassador,Race Driver & Precision Stunt Driver, about his career and what being a Serengeti Ambassador means to him.

  • How did you become a race driver & precision stunt driver?

I was successful enough in Karting which allowed me to move up the Motorsport ladder. I had my sights firmly set on Formula 1 - however, you learn to adapt and change your goals. My goals are now to win Le Mans 24hr and to have a strong precision driving reputation away from Motorsports also.

  • What are the challenges within your line of work?

Sponsorship and fund raising dominate the early part of the motorsport ladder. This then switches to strength, resilience, mentality, luck and fitness.

  • How do Serengeti sunglasses and lenses help you with your work?

The lenses are truly remarkable. I really notice that details are naturally enhanced and everything becomes defined, vivid and vibrant. What also helps is that eye fatigue is reduced. I am not exaggerating when I say that my eyes feel more fresh when not in the race car so they can be at their best when I am in the car!

  • What does being a Serengeti Ambassador mean to you?

There are a huge number of sunglasses companies out there, however I have never experienced lenses such as these. Not only is the styling on point but also I feel I’m representing a company who are at the forefront of technology within their sector.

  • What are your favourite sunglasses for both work and leisure?

My favourites are their handcrafted frames Raffaele and Delio. It’s nice to have both a round style and square style. The lenses are the most advanced out there and their frame materials, styling and attention to detail are superb too.

On behalf of all at Roger Pope and Partners we would like to thank Paul and Serengeti Eyewear for participating in our interview. For more information on our Serengeti Sunglasses and lenses, contact our practice via or on 0207 935 2124. You can follow Paul on Instagram, on Twitter and on Facebook or visit his official website